OOH advertising on National Highways

It is the most exciting time to be involved in the OOH (Outdoor advertising) and DOOH advertising.

OOH advertising on National Highways

It is the most exciting time to be involved in the OOH (Outdoor advertising) and DOOH advertising. The demand for outdoor advertising has remained constant over previous years. But still, we move into the new ways of the advertising industry. The combination of technology and the benefits of traditions has made the real world of OOh advertising unavoidable for many businesses.

What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is a form of advertising in which the ads are found outside the consumer’s house. This is a very traditional method of advertisement which includes billboards, shelters, benches, etc. We spend more of our time outdoors and with new technology, the growth of digital advertising is increased. Here the combination of digital ads OOH advertising solved this problem and made it a more powerful tool for advertising and for marketers.

OOH, advertising on national highways-

National highways are the largest network coverage area for outdoor advertising. Because national highways connect the 1000’s of Indian citizens and cover more than 60,000 km of roads throughout India.

You may see different advertisements while driving on national highways in your cabs or buses etc. So it is very important to put outdoor advertising on Indian national highways because of the huge audience.

Types of OOH advertising on National highways-

Billboards and Banners

Transit advertising

POS display Petrol pumps

Wall paint advertisement

There are different ways of outdoor advertising to target your audience on national highways. Some of them include billboards, POS displays and wall paint advertising, etc. With the use of this advertising, any brand is able to target the national highway audience.

Billboards and Banners-

Billboard advertising is a very popular type of outdoor advertising. This is especially true in traffic areas or National highways areas. The cost of billboards is varied and based on the city and the demographic, traffic, impression, etc. Additionally, billboard and banner ads are very influential for OOh advertising. For outdoor advertising, you will often see the banners at local sports arenas, window displays, etc.

Transit advertising-

Transit advertising placements are the most common type of OOh advertising on buses, autos, cabs, etc. These kinds of ads are also seen at petrol stations and on food courts. Transit advertising is one of the popular types of ads that are used for targeting the audience on National highways in India.

POS display-

Point of sale displays advertising is another outdoor advertising example that is used on National highways. Most people will visit POS advertising while filling their cars at petrol stations or buying something to eat while traveling. Point of sales ads often encourage the audience to make a purchase right near the cash counter. These kinds of ads particularly work on National highways to target the specific audience to buy low-cost items such as water, cooldrink, chips, etc. Through POS displays the main targeted audience is children and ladies because they are influenced easily.

Wall paint advertisement-

Wall paint advertising or wall painting branding is conventional to promote products on National highways or in heavy traffic areas.  It involved the information of the product, pictures of the product, and product’s taglines, etc. It is painted on the widespread wall wherein the advertisement remains visible for the onlookers from far away. Wall printing advertising is painted with bright colors so that they are visible from far away.

The benefits of outdoor advertising on National highways are that brands are able to target the high reach among highway travellers. Because there were a lot of options to target the audience such as food courts, cafes, petrol stations, etc. These are the places where a traveller will definitely stop to make a purchase even for a small thing if they are traveling on National highways. Sometimes it happens that people feel tired while driving on long roads and they need some rest so they will stop at the nearest cafe or restaurant to take some rest and to eat something. Particularly targeting the travellers on Nationals highways is a very easy task. At Gohordings we provide extensive services for covering the large area at national highways in India. And we coved Indian villages for display product promotion as outdoor advertising in more than 15000 villages which are near to the national highways.

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