Airport Media Advertising

Airport Media

The airport is a place filled with high-flying (literally) professionals on their way to and from business meetings. They are focused on recent or upcoming business events and are inevitably tuned into messaging that reflects their mind set and ideas at the time. In the captive airport environment, passengers can often wonder the same spots and spend some time waiting. They will often perceive unique and eye- catching airport advertising as entertainment and will expect to see relevant messaging.

At the airport, brands have an opportunity to engage with people who in any other setting would often be too distracted with their daily tasks and routines. But being in a captive setting for long periods of time, gives brands a chance to communicate and tell stories that they would otherwise not have enough time for.

Features and Specification

  • Airport travellers are active, affluent consumers
  • Frequent flyers are typically business decision makers and comprise of 68 % of total airport traffic.
  • Traveller often spends a significant amount of dwell time in the airport. The high dwell times and multiple exposures make for high frequency campaign.
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