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Future of Old School Billboards 

The first thing that comes to our mind on thinking of billboards is a static picture with a catchy slogan or tagline on it. In today’s tech-savvy world, billboards have become much more than a huge poster being displayed. Billboards are attracting eyeballs since time…


Branding vs Advertising 

Branding and Advertising both are crucial parts of marketing strategies and are often mistaken as the same. While they both share the same goal of increasing revenue, they have their own different ways to do so. This post will help you clear the confusion between…


Transit Media 

Who wouldn’t want to promote their brand to millions of people travelling across the streets and highways every day? Transit media works for all, be it someone travelling by their own vehicles or someone using public transport, even the people walking on the sidewalk can’t…


Why DOOH? 

With the increasing use of Digital Technologies, Outdoor Advertisements have seen a promising transformation in the form of DOOH. DOOH has opened doors to immense possibilities, experiments and creativity for the advertisers. While the world is impulsively turning Digital, what are you waiting for? To…


Mall Advertising 

Malls are much more than a place to shop, it has become a status symbol for teenagers. People often go to malls to socialize and refresh their minds. Shopping malls have brought a new culture in India, from shopping in scorching heat to AC stores,…


Beginners guide to OOH 

Ever wondered why tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google turn to Out-Of-Home advertising whenever they launch a new feature or product, even after being the kings of online advertising. That is the power of transit media. What is Out-Of-Home Advertising? Any kind of visual…

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