Best 10 Platforms for Advertising in India

As we all know, during this pandemic the trend of advertising has been changed from traditional advertising to online market to cover the targeted audience.

Best 10 Platforms for Advertising in India

As we all know, during this pandemic the trend of advertising has been changed from traditional advertising to online market to cover the targeted audience. This covid-19 situation has changed the way the audience reaches out to the advertisements. When the physical stores were completely shut down during this pandemic the trend of digital advertisement rose. There is no other option left for the customers except online shopping and outdoor advertising.     


Every time technology is coming up with new platforms for advertising. Because of the lockdown, many businesses converted to online and it also affected the advertising industry. Outdoor advertising is becoming trending in India. If we talk about Mumbai city, Mumbai comes as the 2nd most popular city in India after Delhi. Mumbai is also known as the commercial capital and entertainment capital of India, because of the location and the headquarters of several banks, companies, and especially the Bollywood industry.         

Why is the trend of advertising rising?

Because of the new technologies and increased demand of the audience, the advertising trends are changing. Whether it is a small or a large scale business the advertising industry is rising day by day and brands are spending more money on advertising and marketing. Advertising is becoming the high rising media for the brands to target the maximum audience through various platforms. It may depend on mobile media, social media, billboards, digital media, etc. Because the data that is collected over the past years includes all the media vertices.


  • The population in India is the highest smartphone use population as compared to the other countries in the world.
  • Indian users are spending about 180 to 210 minutes while engaging on smartphones and using the internet while watching or playing online games.
  • The growth rate of online ads is about 70% in India.


This behavior of Indian users convinced the brands to adopt online advertising trends rather than traditional advertising. The growing rate of online users is becoming the main reason to extend the range of outdoor advertising in India.

Best 10 Platforms for advertising in India

We have found the 10 most visited advertising platforms in India. Based on these advertising platforms, India is growing rapidly in outdoor advertising. In India, the advertising industry is expected to grow by 10.75 CAGR % by 2025.

  1. Digital advertising
  2. Youtube
  3. News advertising (TOI)
  4. Television advertising
  5. Influencer advertising
  6. Mobile advertising
  7. Outdoor Advertising on Bridges
  8. Lamppost
  9. Point of sale displays
  10. Transit advertising

1. Digital advertising-

Digital advertising is becoming the most trusted form of advertising. In digital advertising, there are various platforms of advertising which provide this facility. For example- Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Google ads, etc. Facebook is becoming extremely popular amongst Indian users. In India, there are 260 million users registered with Facebook. So, India has the largest user base for Facebook advertising. During the pandemic, online advertising has increased. According to the sources reports, the highest spending in the form of advertisement was on social platforms. If we take the example of Facebook, it will help your business to connect with the targeted audience and you can track down the user’s behavior. The new features like geo-targeting, segmentation based on audience and location, etc provided by Facebook will help your brand to make an eye-catching impression on audiences.  

2. YouTube- 

YouTube is becoming popular day by day in the outdoor advertising world. The most important thing about YouTube is that it ranked 3rd in popularity in India after Google. Secondly, the user base of YouTube is 265 million monthly and covers 80% of the internet world. Therefore the opportunity for brands is huge with YouTube to reach all over India.

3. News advertising (TOI)-

New advertising is the traditional way of advertising in India. With the help of newspapers, the coverage area is limited. But anyhow is helpful for the business. For example- In rural areas, people are still reading the newspapers and avoiding the technology so for them, the advertisement mode is still traditional. Brands are trying to reach every corner of the world so that is why they are still following the traditional way of advertising.

4. Television advertising-

As discussed earlier some people are following the traditional ways of advertising and Television also comes under the traditional form of advertising. It is a very old and useful mode of advertising in India. Through television advertising brands are targeting children and ladies. Because these two generations are the most television-watching audience.  

5. Influencer advertising-

Influencer advertising is becoming the most famous trend in advertising. Because in India the young generation is following the influencers in every way. So nowadays brands are spending more money on influencers so that young people will follow them.

6. Mobile advertising-

Mobile users are increasing day by day and advertising.

7. Outdoor Advertising on Bridges-

Outdoor advertising is becoming the trend in India. Due to various lockdowns because of pandemics a lot of businesses are suffering financially which makes outdoor advertising a very lucrative advertising option.

8. Lamp Post-

Lamppost is the most traditional form of outdoor advertising. These advertisements are mostly targeted at large traffic areas. With the help of lamppost, brands are covering a huge area with a limited area where they want to target specific customers. Lamppost works on road streets where brands install the ads in a row so that they can reach out to every kind of audience. They are mainly focused on festivals, holidays, and celebrations of any event. The location of lampposts are below-

  • Public markets
  • Schools or Universities
  • Bus, metro stations
  • Mega Malls
  • Business hubs

9. Point of sale displays-

These displays are placed near advertised items or where customers make their purchasing decision. So basically these commercials are put near the main markets or retail stores or malls. POP displays’ main focus is on customers’ in-store experience and special offers. So basically, business vendors offer free commercials to put on the stores where the customer’s footfall is large.

10. Transit advertising-

Transit advertising is placed in public transportation areas. It could be in the form of graphics, other visuals, or simple tests. With the help of transit advertising, the ads will be placed anywhere from on the sides of trains, buses, cabs, etc. The main focus of transit advertising is to reach the rider and be aware of your brand.   

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