How Dooh advertising is evolving in India

DOOH stands for digital out of homes is becoming the high-rise advertisement technique. It is the type of media that is showcased on DOOH screens. Many businesses love the DOOH media because of its flexibility.

How Dooh advertising is evolving in India

DOOH stands for digital out of homes is becoming the high-rise advertisement technique. It is the type of media that is showcased on DOOH screens. Many businesses love the DOOH media because of its flexibility. Over the next five years, DOOH advertising is expected to be increasing rapidly as many more sites will be converted for this type of advertisement and the business will take advantage of these sites. In India, the number of DOOH screens is increased in the past three years


Over 60,000 DOOH screens are there in India. And it has reached 150 crores (INR) which means 3% to 5% of the OOH (Out of home) advertisement. And it is believed that it can be increased by 30-40%. Furthermore, with the permission of the government for the installation of DOOH screens, the DOOH advertisement will grow rapidly. The new technology and development in the sector is also the reason that this type of advertisement is increasing day by day in India.


With the help of DOOH advertising, the business is coming up with new ideas for example customization according to the audience. The big brands are following the newly developed technologies to target the potential audience with specific locations and days. There are many reasons that DOOH advertising is becoming famous in India. But the specific reasons are explained below with the help of relevant examples.  


Why DOOH is becoming famous-


It can provide different facilities to the clients according to their schedules. This will become famous by providing customization as preferred by the business owner. These customizations include the schedule visuals, content, based on weather, time of the, etc. For example- You will schedule the visuals of the content that are matching to the hours of the day. The major reasons for becoming famous for DOOM advertising are-    


  • Providing the facility to change the commercials.
  • Easy than printing media.
  • Audience engagement
  • Specific location
  • Footfall tracking


Providing the facility to change the commercial-

DOOH advertisement is providing the best facility to their clients to change the commercial accordingly. In this, the owner of the business has access to change the advertisement based on different events.


Easy than printing media-

As compared to the printing media DOOM advertising is cost-effective. During printing media, sometimes the ad is based on the festival and the pamphlets are printed in large quantities. So they are not used for another advertisement. Here the benefit of DOOM advertising is that you can change your ad on the screen according to the date and time.


Audience engagement-

It is very useful to measure the audience and the effectiveness of the campaign. For example- Companies are buying the data of the audience from other sources and finding which ad is suitable for customers. So then they are separating the audience according to taste and preference. One of them is QR codes entice interaction through this companies can retarget those consumers.


Location targeting-

This happens with the help of third-party integration which gives the DOOH the real-time location-based audience. They can measure and alter the campaign according to the segmentation of the audience with a personalized message.    


Footfall tracking-

DOOH advertising can match and track the footfall around the area to understand the targeted audience. In the retail business, if a person finds the campaign interesting then they visit the store.  


Factors that are contributing to DOOH growth in India


The main factors which are contributing to the DOOH advertising are Airports, retail spaces, malls, Bus stops, markets, etc. With the help of increased penetration of VR technology and through their development the targeting of the audience becomes very easy. The second major thing is social media and mobile marketing. They are playing a major role in the growth of DOOH advertising.


Because of DOOH advertising, the nature of OOH (Out of home) advertising is rapidly changing its result. As a result, the brands are exploring more possibilities to connect with a specific audience. They can examine the patterns of the audience by their time travel, weather, and will help in communicating direct messages to the audience.  The main factors which are contributing to the growth of DOOH advertising are-


  • Change in the behavior of consumer
  • Tech firms are playing a major role in the industry such as online food delivery, the fitness industry, etc.
  • Mandatory of DOOH screens suck as airports, smart cities, metro, etc.
  • Low penetration cities.


The rising interest in DOOH


DOOM advertising helps the consumer to do a better interaction with the business. The quality of the display interacts with more audiences. The rise in new technology is also giving new ways to estimate the specific audience. With the help of technology, the brands will be able to estimate the real-time viewer that is based on the campaign judgment. 


Furthermore, DOOH advertising is easy to run and targets a specific audience rather than the printing media. It can also interact through various online media platforms like social media and mobile marketing to trailering the viewing experience. This results in the remolding of OOH advertising. Besides the other benefits, DOOH advertising provides customization commercials without spending a penny on printing media. So it ends with saving the money and the time of the brand. Another thing is the quality of the screen which attracts more audience. The screens, engaging contents, and the power of intelligence give better results to target the specific audience. Additionally with the help of DOOH screens brands can interact directly with their audience.

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