What is GoHoardings?

Gohoardings is an online marketplace for outdoor marketing, advertising agency that connects; media buyers, media agencies & media sellers. Gohoardings is also a comprehensive database for alternative, traditional and digital out-of-home media.

How Advertisers are benefitted from GoHoardings?

For advertisers, Gohoardings’s online platform offers a convenient and cost efficient way to; plan, buy & manage outdoor marketing campaigns.

How do I buy an advertising placement?

Create a Media Buyer Account, find the listing you like to make an offer. Gohoardings outdoor marketing team will contact you directly. After you have agreed to the deal, the final order and payment will be done via website.

Can I choose specific locations to advertise my ads?

We provide OOH sites at Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Bookstores, Fitness Clubs, Saloons, Restaurants, Clubs, Buildings, BPOs, Hotels, Residential Colonies, CSD Canteens etc. You can surely select the desired locations and cities for your ads according to your target audience.

How frequently can I get my ad changed?

We provide the initial service of 15 days, after which you can change the ad as per your needs.

Can we run regional language commercial?

Yes, you can run commercials in regional languages. You can also select the locations where you want to run these regional commercials.

Can I run multiple commercials? Also can I have different commercials for different locations?

Yes, you can run multiple commercials in the locations selected by you. Also the content of each location can be customised as per the target audience of that location. So, you can run different commercials in different locations depending on which target group you want to reach.

Who will be responsible for the regulatory issues, if any, after the placing of ads?

All the advertisements are placed after the legal proceedings, consent and agreement of the location holder. If any regulatory issue occurs, while your media is live, GoHoardings will be solely responsible for it and will take care of it.

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