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Mall Media

Mall Media

Mall Media is an ideal opportunity to attract consumers in a targeted retail environment. Mall media talks directly to the consumer with limited media wastage. It creates a dominating and influential presence targeting commuters and shopping decision makers alike.

Perfect opportunity to catch shoppers when they have their credit cards or mobile phones in their hands. Allows retailers and retail products to reach out to this mass audience in the common areas and drive them to their stores from all points of the mall to maximise their share of the available purchasing spend.
Allows you to connect with potential clients beyond the point of purchase – delivering for marketers who are not linked to mall sales. Research shows that 80% of responders say that mall advertising is likely to remind them about products or services they might buy either while in the mall or later.

Features and Specification


  • Ideal opportunity to attract consumers in retail environment.
  • Visibility of your brand while consumers are making their shopping decision increases to shop on your brand.


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